Mr. Steven Smith
Mr. Steven Smith

    Mr. Steven Smith
    Coordinator of Curriculum &
    Instruction K-5

    Jenny Gray
    Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education & Coordinator of Curriculum
    and Instruction K-5 

    Reggie Murtha
    Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education & Coordinator of Curriculum
    and Instruction 6-12 

    Fax: 412-369-5895  

  • The North Allegheny School District’s curriculum is the foundation of student learning and academic success. It is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive sequence of skills and knowledge, ensuring that students not only meet graduation requirements but also experience rich and challenging educational opportunities.

    At North Allegheny, we take pride in developing our own curriculum. Our expert teachers collaborate extensively in a curriculum, instruction, and assessment review process to create a program that aligns with state and national standards. This curriculum ensures a logical progression of skills, offers clear guidance to teachers through well-defined learning outcomes and assessments, and is both challenging for students and relevant to their future careers and lives.

    We view curriculum as an evolving process, continuously improving to meet the needs of our students. The district follows a curriculum and program review cycle that allows for regular curriculum review and revision, ensuring both fiscal responsibility and current relevance. Even after review by the North Allegheny School Board, our curriculum undergoes annual reviews and updates as necessary. Our curriculum complies with Pennsylvania state standards for all subjects, outlining the academic expectations for each grade level and detailing the essential skills and knowledge students need to succeed after high school, whether in higher education or the global workforce.

    To explore the Pennsylvania Academic and Core Standards, please visit pdesas.org . Here, you will find detailed standards for each subject area and additional resources to understand our academic framework.

    North Allegheny School District is committed to providing a curriculum that remains dynamic and effective, continuously evaluated and refined to prepare our students for future success.

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