Welcome to Northern Area Substitute Services. We provide substitute services for both the North Allegheny School District and Hampton Township School District. 

    Are you a prospective or recent graduate looking to start your career in teaching? Want to work within one or two top ranked school districts in Pennsylvania? Click HERE to apply today! Once your application in Frontline Recruiting & Hiring is reviewed, qualified candidates will be contacted via email. 

    Substitute teaching provides a flexible schedule for all employees and an ever-changing work environment, allowing one to learn and experience new things every day. We are looking for individuals who are adaptable, educated, dependable, certified by the PA Department of Education, and enjoy working and communicating well with others.


    North Allegheny School District frontline Recruiting & Hiring



    Day-to-day substitute teacher rates are:

    • $120 per day at North Allegheny School District
    • $100 per day at Hampton Township School District, and after 30 days, the rate increases to $120 per day



    Teachers with an out-of-state certification or with a placeholder letter are invited to apply for the Guest Substitute Teacher program. 


    For questions, please contact the Substitute Services Coordinator at northernareasubs@northallegheny.org or 412-369-5437.

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